Why am I writing here? I have a busy job. Where I do a lot of writing. I have two kids. I have a house that’s, quite frankly, a mess. I have a ‘to read’ pile of books that could take up most people’s book cases. Since our second child was born, Spotify has become a place where I can stack up playlists of albums I won’t find time to properly listen to. Try talking to me about cinema for the last five years. You’ll get a blank look.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m not time rich. Not at all, but somehow the idea of doing a blog remains appealing.


I think I’m here because I like learning, and as someone who’s written as a job – or as part of a job – all his life, writing helps me make sense of stuff I’m learning.

So, this blog is likely to be me learning alongside my son, learning stuff on my own, and also other stuff about being a dad. And probably music.

And I’ll almost certainly witter on about podcasts too, because I’m obsessed.


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