Filter Required

I’ve written before about my relentless struggles with the internet.

The internet is a beautiful, amazing thing (apart from the times it’s ugly and horrible. Which it can be. But that’s not what this is about). So much knowledge, so much information.So much to watch, to read, to hear. And it’s free. And people out there that you know and/or like are sharing it, making it so easy to find.

The potential is incredible. What do you want to learn? What do you want to find out more about? It’s all there, it’s searchable, it’s discoverable (and yes, sometimes the information can be less than reliable).

But how do you manage it? How do you decide what to invest your time in. At any given moment, you could be putting on Google Cardboard and visiting new worlds. You could be listening to hours upon hours of podcasts – full of intrigue and discovery . You could be trawling through the archives of magazines, downloading e-books, reading article after article, blog post after blog post, watching video after video, digesting album after album.

How do you learn where to focus? How do you not find yourself saving links, and bookmarks and bookmarks and links? How do you decide where your interest should go first, and what can wait?

When do you find time to sleep?

How are people ever bored?

And are our brains designed to handle this much stimulation?


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